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    League Settings

    Divisions: 6
    League Sign-Up: Private
    Max Teams: 30
    Min Skill: Rookie
    Max Skill: Legend
    Playoff Teams: 8
    Games Per Series: 1
    Total Series: 40
    Series Per Div. Opponent: 4
    Inter League Series: 4
    Reg Season Duration (Days): 56 (5 Games a week)
    Playoff Series Length: 5
    Player Draft: OFF
    Trades: ON
    Auto Resolve Games: OFF

    Hitting Difficulty: All-Star
    Pitching Difficulty: Veteran
    Guess Pitch: Off
    Strike Zone: On
    Hot Zones: Off
    Umpire Balls and Strikes: Off
    Balks: On
    Ejections: Off
    Injuries: On
    HR Celebration Camera: ON
    Injuries: On
    Presentation Mode: Real-Time

    League Sliders:

    Human Contact: 8
    Human Power: 5
    Human Timing: 8
    Human Foul Frequency: 5
    Human Solid Hits: 8
    Human Starter Stamina: 5
    Human Reliever Stamina: 2
    Human Pitcher Control: 8
    Human Pitcher Consistency: 8
    Cpu Contact: 1
    Cpu Power: 1
    Cpu Timing: 1
    Cpu Foul Frequency: 1
    Cpu Solid Hits: 1
    Cpu Starter Stamina: 5
    Cpu Reliver Stamina: 2
    Cpu Pitcher Control: 10
    Cpu Pitcher Consistency: 10
    Cpu Strike Frequency: 10
    Cpu Manager Hook: 4
    Cpu Pickoffs: 5
    Pitch Speed: 5
    Fielding Errors: 5
    Throwing Errors: 5
    Fielder Run Speed: 3
    Fielder Reaction: 4
    Fielder Arm Strength: 5
    Baserunner Speed: 5
    Baserunner Steal Ability: 5
    Baserunner Steal Frequency: 5
    Wind: 2
    Injury: 5

    League Rules

    * STARTING PITCHERS - You can pitch any pitcher you want in any order, if you wanna save your top pitchers for human games that is ok. The game uses fatigue where you shouldnt be able to use a Starting Pitcher for 4 games after they start. Your pitchers energy bar must be 100% full to start him. If for some reason none of your pitchers are 100% full then you must choose whoever has the highest amount of energy.

    * NO FAST PITCHING - This means wait at least 1 full second in between pitches. With BALKS ON this will help stop fast pitching from the stretch. But make sure you are doing this even when pitching from the windup.

    * BALLS - Balls are part of the game, but try to limit just throwing junk on purpose way outta the zone the whole game, or when base runners get on. We arnt asking for meatballs down the middle every pitch, Just try your best to keep stuff around the plate (even inches off the corners is fine). It's the constant balls in the dirt every single time, 10 foot fastballs, etc. that wont be tolerated. Of course this doesnt count when your pitcher losses command/composure and cant throw a strike if their life depended on it.

    * THROWING TO 1ST FROM THE OF - This is a cheap tatic and should only be attempted with a really slow batter, aka Pat Burrell, David Ortiz, Catchers etc. Do not throw to 1st base every single hit to RF.

    * CPU Error Glitches - If you see balls go right thru a outfielder that would of been just a routine out or base hit, dont take extra bases, just settle for the single. Human Errors do not count and are free game.

    * STARTING PLAYERS OUTTA POSITION - This is not allowed and you must get approval from us before doing it. Examples are like starting Jim Thome at 3B to try to just get the best bats in the Lineup. To start a player outta position they must of have played 10 or more games last year or this year. The game rarely penalizes you for playing people outta position, so this is why we force this. Late inning changes and substitutions do not count, if you do not have anyone else to sub in at that position. LF/RF spots are interchangeable but not CF.

    * FREE AGENTS - We will not use Free agents until they come with a update where we can track it so PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE OR SIGN ANY FREE AGENTS. If you see someone has signed a free agent illegally please report it immediately. You can only use your minor league system to call and send people down.

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